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Free Shipping, $50+ orders
Buyer handles return shipping

Free Shipping
Free Returns

Standard shipping: $6
$6 return shipping
Tieks by Gavrieli

Free Shipping
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Recent Reviews

Sam H.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
They don't let you delete your card details or account. This is a big scam. Clothes are shockingly awful!

Hannah T.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
Do not enter your credit card details. You cannot delete them. You have to ask them to delete it, and they don't as I am still charged. Biggest scam. Once you are in, everything is just on sale.
Kate M.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
Lyon and post is great! In a day and age when online shopping is becoming many peoples primary way of shopping this concept is on point! You can order clothes and try them on in the comfort of your own home without running up your ... read more
Selin A.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
In order to create an account, you HAVE to give them your credit card information. I love the concept of the website so I immediately made the account. However, their CLOTHES ARE SOOO BORING AND EXPENSIVE. There is a "less than ... read more
Allie B.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
I have used Lyon+Post for 5 shipments now and love this site so much! I have done basically all of my clothing purchases with them for the past 8 months. The clothes are beautiful, they don't charge any membership or shipping ... read more
merry l.
wrote a review for Lyon and Post
BEWARE!!!!! They make you put your credit card in before you can look at web site !!! Then when you add things to you queue they just send them to you without you ordering them. Later you get an e-mail that they're shipping. ... read more